Presentation :
DéKiBulle is a multiformat audio player for windows Vista/XP/2000/98.

DéKiBulle is free and open source and provided under a double license GNU-LGPL / CeCILL-C !

One of the special features of DéKiBulle is to directly use the directory structure where the audio files are stored, so as to be very quickly able to select the songs of an album or an artist.
The interface - although "skinnable" - is voluntarily straightforward and simple in order to assist the beginner and to speed loading.
DéKiBulle is normaly made to be launched automaticaly at windows startup and to go in the taskbar. It takes aproximatively between 5 and 7 MB of memory once launched.
It can also be used as a classic audio player once the audio files are associated to it.

Thanks to the team Veni, Vidi, Libri for his help.
The GNU-LGPL license is available here (non official french version) or here (english version).
The CeCILL-C license is available here (french version) or here (english version).

If you have comments, remarks or if you want to have the latest news go on the DéKiBulle forum.

If you appreciate DéKiBulle please make a donation to show your support and to help for future development.

Features :
Open source (double license GNU-LGPL / CeCILL-C).
Using of the folders arborescence (for a fast and easy acces to you songs).
Multilingual (English, French, Spanish, Esperanto, Italiano, Swedish, German, Czech, Dutch).
Multiformat Audio (MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, MPC, AIFF, MP2, MP1, CDA, MOD)
(+ FLAC, MID, WV, SPX, AC3, AAC, M4A, TTA, APE, MAC, OFR, OFS in option).
Multiformat Playlist (M3U, PLS, XSPF, ASX)
Internet stream (URL in playlist file).
MOD files (IT, XM, S3M, MOD, MTM, UMX).
Meta Tag readed (MP3, OGG, WMA, MPC, MP2, APE).
Meta Tag editor (MP3, OGG, MPC, MP2, APE, mass edition).
CDDB supported (search for Audio CD titles on internet).
Hotkeys (Play/Pause, Previous/Next song, Volume +/-, etc...).
Possibility to set the volume by the Windows master (can be usefull to modify volume in games for example), or only for DéKiBulle.
Equalizer (10 bands with presets).
Baloon-hint popup window (showed at each song change).
Shuffle playing, Loop playing.
Command lines supported ("dekibulle.exe /play /prev /next /quit /open /skin:xxx /show")
Search for songs in folders (search in filename and/or in meta tags infos)
Search for songs in playlist
Automaticaly checks for updates.
Fully portable (options are stored in the DéKiBulle folder and pathes are stored in relative format).
Skinnable, with Skin editor included.
Editable song names display.
Possibility to display the album picture.
Selection of the output device.
Selection of a proxy for internet access.
AudioScrobbler function for the site http://last.fm.
Compatible with the function MSN "Current play".

Audio file formats :
Default supported file formats are :
- MP3
- MP2
- MP1
Supported playlist formats are :
- M3U
Audio CD and Internet stream are also supported.

You can add supported formats by downloading plugins of the BASS library at this adress : http://www.un4seen.com/bass.html#addons
Formats readed by the add-ons are :
- FLAC (plugin BASSFLAC)
- MID (see here)
- WV (plugin BASS_WV)
- SPX (plugin BASS_SPX)
- AC3 (plugin BASS_AC3)
- AAC, M4A, MP4 (plugin BASS_AAC)
- TTA (plugin BASS_TTA)
- APE, MAC (plugin BASS_APE)
- OFR OFS (plugin BASS_OFR)

The software reads the tags for the files MP3 (Id3v1 & v2), MP2, MPC, OGG, APE and WMA.
And can modify the tags for the files MP3, MP2, MPC, APE and OGG.

Translations :
Available translations are :
- English
- French
- Spanish
- Esperanto
- Italiano
- Swedish
- German
- Czech
- Dutch
- Russian
- Portuguese
Thanks all contributors for their translations!

You can also made your own translations :
A new translation tool has been developped. It simplifies the creation and modification of language files. To access the editor, clic here.
You can also translate the content of a file lang*.ini and send the result of your work at : dekibulle [at] free [dot] fr.
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Par Clem104/104
24/10/2018 23:48
Bonjour, y a t'il un depot git dekibulle ?
Par restouble103/104
21/09/2016 11:30
Ben moi je l’utilise toujours ( tous les jours serai plus exact) ce petit soft bien sympatrique.
Sauf sur mon PC ŕ la maison ou je suis sur linux Mint (ŕ quand une version multi-plateforme ? :) )
Lŕ je le réinstalle au boulot sur un W10 tout neuf.
Par MEJI102/104
27/08/2016 02:54
Par fred101/104
13/01/2016 13:58
Ben ouai c'est vrai que déki est tombé un peu ŕ l'abandon... Je m'en sert toujours pourtant, męme si c'est un peu moins qu'avant c'est vrai. Il faut dire que nos usages ont un peu changé avec le temps avec les smartphone etc...
Par restouble100/104
25/11/2015 21:21
Alors ?
Plus de nouvelles, c'est vraiment dommage.
Par Thomas99/104
19/09/2012 13:04
Je n'utilise plus que lui ! :)
Par cendrieR98/104
05/09/2012 00:21
Merci pour ce logiciel trčs pratique, je l'utilise depuis plus d'un an maintenant. Seul soucis : de temps en temps il crashe et on doit le réinstaller. Mais ŕ part ça ...
Par PaniK97/104
15/06/2011 15:34
trouvé sur Framasoft ;)
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