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Here is a presentation of the best way to use the dékibox.


The usefulness of the dékibox is to quickly exchange short messages which “deserve” not open a topic in the forum, we can consider this as a kind of chat.

To post a message in the dékibox nothing more simple! Simply enter a pseudo and enter a message.


For anonymous visitors it is now necessary to recopy the spam code appearing in the picture. If the code is unreadable click on the image to generate a new one.

For visitors with an account on the forum, once logged on the forum this code anti-spam is no longer necessary.

Post a link

It is possible to insert a hyperlink in your message. For that use the following command:


The link will appear as a small clickable arrow.

Post a picture

It is possible to post images in the dékibox. Here's how to do this :

Message edition

Once your message is posted you will be able to edit it. The IP address of the poster is used to recognize people.

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