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Here is a presentation of different windows available in DéKiBulle.

1- Main window

This is the main window of DéKiBulle, here you can find :

  • 1 Folders list : You can find here the treeviews of the roots folders defined in options (see Options:Page:Répertoires).
  • 2 Playlist : This is were the songs loaded in playlist appeared. You have several way to add songs in playlist (see principe)
  • 3 Folders list button : If this button is pushed then only the folders list is shown.
  • 4 Playlist button : If this button is pushed then only the playlist is shown. You have to pull both buttons to show both lists.
  • 5 Play time : Click on it to show spended time, resting time or full length of the played song.
  • 6 Progress bar : Useful to display the playing position and to navigate in the current song.
  • 7 Volume bar : Used to set the volume (see Options).
  • 8 Previous button : Play the previous song in the playlist (or the previously played song in shuffle mode).
  • 9 Play / Pause button : Play or pause the current song.
  • 10 Next button : Play the following song in the playlist (or a shuffled song).
  • 11 Open equalizer (hidden button) : Display the Equalizer window.
  • 12 Open options (hidden button) : Display the Options window.

2- Option window

This window allow to access to all DéKibulle options. Here is a presentation of different options sub-windows :

2.1- Window: Options

Those are the general options of DéKiBulle :

  • Start with Windows : add DéKiBulle to the list of software's launched when Windows start.
  • Volume setting : allow to set the volume on the whole windows system (wave volume) or only on DéKiBulle. Set the whole system volume can be useful to change the volume in other applications like games.


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